Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tyler Lee Evans

While racing with another driver on Route 3 in Boone County, West Virginia, Christian Javier Sanchez-Rubio, an inebriated illegal alien, murdered little Tyler Lee Evans. The truck driven by Tyler’s dad was hit head-on by Sanchez-Rubio as he sped down the wrong side of the road.(1) 

Five year old Tyler’s unjustifiable death occurred on August 31, 2006. Terry Evans and his other son, two year old Micah, survived the accident with injuries and were taken along with Tyler to a Charleston hospital.  Micah required surgery. (2) 

Marsha and Terry Evans created a memorial filled with expressions of love for their little boy, Tyler.

The writings are heartbreaking, steeped in the Evans’ grief for their lost son. (3)   

An excerpt from the Tyler Lee Evans Memorial:

 "…for me and Terry and Micah a wonderful and amazing gift of love and beauty was taken on the night of August the 31st 2006. Today I pray for justice for my son and I also pray for the daily strength to deal with the loss of such an amazing boy. Tyler made up my heart and soul and without him I feel lost..." 

Upon arrest Sanchez-Rubio was carrying two sets of false documents, a fake immigration document and a Mexican driver’s license both under the name of Jose Carlos Madrigal. He was charged with a felony count of DUI causing death and sentenced to 10 years in the WV state penitentiary with eligibility for parole. (1)


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2. Raleigh County Child Killed In Drunk Driving Accident, by Gina Long
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