Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kasi Vaughan

A Chesapeake Judge handed down a decision Monday concerning a driver who had been convicted twice of driving on a suspended license.

Gerald Haley, Jr. , 22, was found guilty of the misdemeanor charge. The charge stemmed from an accident August 9, 2005. Haley was arrested after hitting 13-year-old Kasi Vaughan along Taylor

Vaughan was crossing the street when she was hit by the passenger side of Haley's car.

She died in the accident.

Loved ones of the driver and the victim were in court Monday.

"I'm persuaded beyond a resasonable doubt that a violation has occurred," Judge David Williams said before reading the verdict.

Haley's driving record several convictions. Those convictions include two for driving on a suspended license, as well as nine for speeding.

Those convictions may have played a factor in Haley's punishment this time. The judge appears to be having a tough time determining what role Kasi Vaughan's death will play.

Judge Williams spoke directly to her mother during the trial.

"I'm gonna have to wrestle with what happened to your daughter in the context of what that punishment ought to be, and I don't know that one relates to the other."

Haley was sentenced to 40 days in jail. He was taken to jail after the Monday hearing. He is on probation and will have to pay a fine.

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