Friday, November 11, 2011

Anna Celeste Lowe

The step-mother of Anna Celeste Lowe, 5, was indicted on Monday in the murder of the Elm Grove kindergartner.

The Bossier Parish grand jury returned the indictment of Catherine Lowe for first degree murder of Anna Celeste.  Catherine is accused of beating the Anna Celeste to death in the bathroom of her Elm Grove mobile home.

Authorities say the step-mother and the girl's father, Wesley Lowe, took the child to Willis Knighton Pierremont on January 13 where hospital staff pronounced her dead.  Emergency room staff told detectives that tests showed the girl had already been dead for two hours before arriving at the hospital.

The Bossier Parish coroner determined the cause of death was the result of internal injuries.  He elaborated on her injuries saying that the girl's stomach became detached from her intestines and her liver was lacerated in two places.

Anna Celeste's father is also being held in jail on charges of negligent homicide.  Authorities said he did not seek medical attention for his daughter in a timely manner.

Catherine Lowe is scheduled to be arraigned on April 12.


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