Monday, November 7, 2011

Samantha and Joshua Evans

On November 16, 1995 two white children, Samantha Evans and Joshua Evans, were murdered by
three negroes in Addison, Illinois. Samantha was 10 and Joshua was 8.

Their mother, Deborah Evans, 28, was also murdered.

The Evans home was invaded by negroes Fedell Caffey, Laverne Ward and Jacqueline Williams. Deborah Evans had had a relationship with Ward, had a 19 month old child with him and another one on the way. She also had a restraining order against him.

Deborah Evans was shot. The negroes then sliced open her belly with scissors and a knife while she was still alive and her unborn baby was removed. Samantha Evans was stabbed to death. Joshua Evans was poisoned, strangled and had his throat slashed.

If Deborah Evans had not had a relationship with a negro she and her children would still be alive. 


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