Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tony Youmans

Derrick Glover testified on Thursday during a pretrial hearing as lawyers attempted to have evidence tossed out.

According to prosecutors, Glover gave a gun to 12-year-old Tony Youmans. They believe Youmans fatally shot himself while playing with the weapon.

The boy's body was found in a Westside field near his home in July.

Glover was arrested in early August and is charged with manslaughter in Youmans' death.

Since Glover's arrest, both sides of the case have filed several motions. On Thursday, some of the motions about evidence were discussed in court.

Glover was on the stand to testify to a defense motion stating the seizure of his computer and other evidence is illegal because the items were taken without a warrant.

The computer was taken from the home of Glover's mother. The defense argued that Glover lived at his mother's home part time and did not give his OK for the search.

Attorney: "Did you keep clothes there?"

Glover: "Yes."

Attorney: "On occasion, did you sleep there?"

Glover: "Yes."

Attorney: "Is that the address on your driver's license?"

Glover: "Yes it is."

Some of the pictures on the seized computer are important to the state's case. Images found on the computer show people holding guns, including Glover.

The defense also said it wanted evidence taken from the home of Glover's former girlfriend, Catina McMillian, suppressed.

McMillian took the stand and told the court she gave police the OK to search her apartment, where investigators said they found evidence, including a bullet, shell casings and mop used to clean.

Another issue the defense brought up in court was the interrogation of Glover by police.

Glover's attorneys said any statements or admissions made were obtained without a right to counsel and therefore violated their client's rights.

Part of the interrogation was played in court for Judge Charles Arnold, who is now charged with deciding whether to suppress that and other evidence.

Motions not argued in court on Thursday, included the manslaughter charge that the defense wants dropped because it says selling a young person a gun is not necessarily manslaughter, as well as whether the judge should remove himself from the case.

Channel 4's Dan Leveton also reported McMillian's son could have an important role to play in the case because police said he told them Glover was the man who sold a gun to Youmans.

Arguments on the motions filed are expected to continue in court on Tuesday.

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