Thursday, November 10, 2011

Allison Griffor

A suspected drug dealer will spend the night in jail after a judge sets his bond at half a million dollars.
Deputies are investigating a possible connection between this drug case and the shooting of a 5-year-old girl .

The man's family, though, said there's no way the cases are related.

Juan Carlos Grant's grandmother, Dorothy Grant, said that she thinks bond was set too high for a trafficking marijuana charge and doesn't believe grant would be involved in a shooting.

Grant was arrested yesterday afternoon at an apartment on Tedder Street in North Charleston.

Charleston County Deputies began searching for him yesterday morning, though, after the burglar alarm went off at a house he's renting on Catterton Drive in West Ashley.

When deputies showed up at the house, no one was there and the front door had been kicked in. They said they found 24 pounds of marijuana in the house and a handgun in the mailbox.

At bond court Tuesday night, a family friend said she believes Grant was "set up".

"He's an innocent victim. They can not pin charges on him. He's innocent. I know for a fact he's innocent. He had nothing to do with that shooting," Mary Singleton said.

Grant will go before a judge January 6th for the trafficking charge.

Deputies said they're not ruling out a possible connection between this case and a shooting that happened on Pierpont Avenue less than half a mile from Grant's Catterton Drive home and just half an hour before that burglar alarm went off.

In that case, deputies said a man heard loud banging on his door, and when he walked toward the door, shots were fired through it.

He was hit, but not seriously hurt.

Deputies said his 5 -year old daughter, though, was shot in the head and is still in critical condition.



5-year-old Allison Griffor dies; family spokesman urges anyone with information to come forward


CHARLESTON — A spokesman for the Griffor family, standing in front of the 5-year-old shooting victim’s favorite fountain downtown, urged the public to help catch her killer, saying, “It could be you next.”

Richard Douglas, a former Charleston police officer, wore a dark suit as he read a statement from Allison Griffor’s parents, describing their little girl and explaining their tough decision to take her off life support and to donate her organs.

“Until these suspects are caught, we’re not safe,” Douglas said after reading the Griffors’ words at Waterfront Park.

Allison died Thursday after doctors at Medical University Hospital failed to find activity in her brain scans. Someone fired a shotgun through her family’s home on Pierpont Avenue in West Ashley early Tuesday morning, and several pellets lodged in the little girl’s head as she slept in her bed.
Here is the family’s entire statement:
“We are writing this to express our gratitude for all of the love and support for Allison at this time. We want to inform you that our precious little girl has left to be with the Lord.
We wanted to share a little of her light with you all. Allison was an amazing person with silly, fun, bubbly, loving life all around her. With a passion that seems to be unrivaled by any we have ever experienced.

She was a fierce, friend, whenever her friends fell down she would rush to their aid to make sure there OK. She was a leader and an artist. She would sit for periods and color with a seriousness of a doctor in surgery.
She was an awesome sister to her two brothers and always did everything with them. She would ride Lucas’ tricycle around the house playing tag with Aiden and Lucas.
I will forever see her quirky poses and smiles in my minds eye. Every time I came home from work each day I am always greeted with her huge smile and yelling “Daddy’s home” with excitement as she’s quickly followed by the boys.
          She would give these hugs that you felt in your soul. Just encompassing you in her full love.
We will always remember Allison for the beautiful person that she is, she has went to be with the Lord, but she will forever be the biggest part of all of us.
We are grateful for the five short years the lord has blessed us with. We look forward to being greeted with a hug when finally we are re-united.
Even through this great tragedy the Lord has revealed a positive action in that even as we believe she’s going to heaven she is still able to save lives through the gift of her love through donation.
We always knew she was destined for greatness, we were just picturing a different way. We don’t harbor any anger nor revenge regarding this tragedy. We will move forward in the Lord with patience and faith as we hold to our memories of our great blessing. Thank you for all your love and support.
The Griffor Family.”

Rest In Peace Allison, Rest In Peace.

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