Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kasey Ragan

A young student from Northwestern State University was killed Thursday morning and police have arrested who they believe is responsible.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, the Natchitoches Police Department responded to a call of a shooting on the Highway 1 Bypass at the CP-Tel parking lot.

"Right before the shooting there was a fight between two groups of people," said Detective Brad Walker, Natchitoches Chief Investigator. "One group had the suspect in it and some of his friends and the other had the victim and some of her friends."

Officers responded to that call and found 20-year-old Kasey Ragan of Natchitoches, a psychology major and honor roll student at NSU, unresponsive with a single gunshot would to the throat.
Ragan was pronounced dead shortly after.

Police believe that 25-year-old, Jeremy Osborn of Natchitoches, pulled the trigger during that fight.
"She was definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time and I don't know if she was the intended victim or not," said Detective Walker. "Or, if it was a random shooting due to the fight, due to agitation.  That will, of course, come out in the investigation."

Osborn turned himself in early Thursday afternoon to the Natchitoches Police Department.  He's being held without bond on one count of second degree murder.

Police say right now they don't have a motive as to why Ragan was shot, but they are going to continue to investigate until they find one.

Friends say they're sorry they lost such a great person to such a horrible crime.

"Kasey was always the lively one.  Everyone knew when she entered the room.  No matter where she was, even if she didn't know you, she would come up and introduce you and you knew who she was immediately," said Whitney Irvin, a friend of Ragan's. "Overall, she was a great person.  She was very friendly, very personable and everyone got along with her."

Now, with Osborn behind bars, police are hoping to find out what really happened.


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