Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holly Quick

DNA testing at the Holly Quick murder site shows Tamir Hamilton was in Quick's bedroom at the time of her murder. That was evidence presented today at Hamilton's trial.

A criminalist with Washoe County's Crime Lab says sperm and blood matching that of Hamilton's were discovered on various portions of the 16-year old's body.

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Quick's DNA was found on bloody clothing taken from Hamilton's garbage.

Sparks detective Jason Woodard said he interviewed Hamilton about that evidence during an interview at Sparks Police Headquarters.

On the stand today Woodard testified Hamilton told him someone else put the clothing in his garbage to set Hamilton up.

Woodard said Hamilton's story about his wereabouts the night of the murder changed several times.
Woodard said eventually Hamilton admitted he was at Holly's apartment the night of the murder, but blacked out and doesn't remember much except getting into his car and driving home.

Hamilton is accused of sexually assaulting and fatally stabbing 16-year old Holly Quick on September 14, 2006. If convicted he could face the death penalty.


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