Monday, October 24, 2011

Eva Helgetun

 Eva Løvbugt Helgetun, Sofie Evensen, Katrine Garmo, Ingeborg Feght.

Eva Helgetun was a 14-year-old Norwegian who was raped by three immigrants in Trondheim, Norway on 1 May 2011 .
Eva Helgetun looking for her friend on May 1 at the Trondheim International School at Fortress Street when an immigrant arrived. He wanted to hug and kiss but Eve said no and explained that she was looking for her friend. The guy then said he felt the girl friend. Eva Helgetun believed this and went with him. Then he pulled her onto her back on a green area.
She tried to scream for help, and when two other immigrants showed up thought the girl that it was all over. Instead, they held her down as number one was able to complete the rape. One of the other immigrants also tried to rape her, but Eva managed to get away and then got the help of the Norwegians. Immigrants are still at large. Police arrested three Africans at first but then released.
All supported her, but the assault on the girl was too much for her. She became increasingly depressed, having trouble sleeping and away much from the school. On May 28 she took her life.


  1. She was murdered by three third world invaders as surely as if they had shot her with a gun.

    Anyone who supported third world immigration into Norway bears some responsibility for the death of Eva Helgetun.

  2. 100% agreed.

    That's why I decided to include her. She is just as much a victim of the third world invasion as if they had killed her right then and there.


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