Monday, November 14, 2011

Adrian Rountree

On 25April 2006, Lori Rountree, 44, and her daughter Adrian Rountree, 16 were murdered inside their home by Jose Presentacion Sosa, an illegal alien from Honduras, who has been charged with two counts of criminal homicide. Lori and Adrian were stabbed more than 60 times. Investigators said there may be some insight in the pending results of rape kits ordered to determine if the women were sexually assaulted.

An investigator close to the case told Channel 4 that Sosa's brothers, who lived with him at the time of the murders, originally told police "he should pay for what he's done." But the brothers later changed their story. One brother, Ron Sosa, was later arrested in court for an outburst during his brother's proceedings.

The Roundtree family said it still does not know why anyone would want to murder the young artist and her mother, who worked as a nanny. Investigators said they have Sosa's fingerprints, some of which are bloody, in the interior of the house. They also said Adrian's socks were covered in blood, suggesting she walked through the crime scene. However, her body was found in a fetal position in her bed, covered up with a blanket.


April 25, 2006, Nashville Police Dept. Media Release

May 11. 2006 Nashville Police Dept. Media Release

July 28, 2006, WSMV Nashville, 16-Year-Old Murder Suspect To Be Tried As Adult


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