Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ross Parker

A murder inquiry is under way after a "motiveless" attack on a teenager in Peterborough. 

The 17-year-old was set upon by about 10 youths at 0115 BST on Friday, according to Cambridgeshire Police. 

The incident happened at Borges Boulevard while the teenager was walking from a pub with his 19-year-old girlfriend. 

Police said the dead youth and his girlfriend were white and the youths wanted for questioning were said by a witness to be Asian. 

A spokeswoman stressed that there was no reason to believe that the attack was racially motivated. 

Ran for help
Neither was there any suggestion that the killing was linked to any racial animosity generated following the terrorist atrocities in the United States. 

The victim has not been named. 

His girlfriend ran for help during the attack and flagged down a passing police car. 

He was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Detective Superintendent David Hankins said: "There does not appear to be any motive for this senseless attack.
"A young man's life has been snatched away in a terrible tragedy." 


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