Sunday, January 1, 2012

James Waite

The night between Saturday and Sunday the 14-year-old white boy James Waite was stabbed to death by a gang of immigrants in Sollentuna north of Swedish capital Stockholm.

Waite had participated in a barbecue with his friends when he on the way home met his assassins, a group of five to seven immigrant youths.

"Are you a Nazi?" one of them asked young James,........

.........whereupon he was assaulted, stabbed several times in the chest, one blow piercing his heart.
He later bled to death on the way to a hospital.

The diabolic media in Sweden have tried to defuse what really happened, referring to the fight as a "racist gang fight" between skinheads and immigrants, in some cases not even informing that a "racist" was the victim.

Some have used deliberate deceptive phraseology such as "several racists were at the scene where the murder took place," not mentioning the ethnicity of either victim or perpetrators.

Some media stories report that one immigrant youth received a knife wound, "forgetting" to mention that he received it by mistake from another knife-wielding immigrant.

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