Monday, December 5, 2011

Russell And Kimberley Griffin

Doctor: Boy drank before murder

RUSSELL Griffin had been drinking alcohol before he was murdered on October 15, 2001, the Rockhampton Supreme Court heard yesterday.

A former Queensland Health pathologist yesterday said a toxicology report revealed the 13- year-old's body had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.063, higher than the legal driving limit.

Last week the murder trial of Joseph Garrett Button, heard the accused had told friends he had been drinking wine with a young man on the day Russell and his nine-year-old sister Kimberley were killed.

The pathologist, Dr Terrence Sinton, who did the autopsy on both children, revealed the cause of death in both cases to be "asphyxiation consistent with compression of the neck''.

Button has pleaded not guilty to murdering the North Rockhampton children. He has also pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape against Kimberley.

Peter Clausen, a forensic scien- tist from John Tonge Centre, Brisbane, said blood with DNA matching Kimberley Griffin's was found on a shirt belonging to Button.

He also said sperm, believed to be from Button, was on Kimberley's pants.


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