Monday, December 5, 2011

Justin Dillon Ervin

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police arrested a suspect in a 6-year-old murder case.

Officers arrested 23-year-old Tyrice Lavar Boyd on Friday in connection with the murder of 20-year-old Justin Dillon Ervin.Ervin was shot outside the X-press Mart on Glenwood Drive in West Charlotte on December 10 2005.

Eyewitness News talked to Justin’s mother, Dawn Ervin, about her reaction to a suspect being charged.“I was excited. I was glad because I honestly didn’t think it was over going to be solved. I really didn’t.”In 2005, Ervin tried to stop three men from attacking his girlfriend in his car.

Police said they pulled a gun and as he tried to get away, the suspects shot him in the back.

Friday, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Violent Criminal Apprehension Team arrested Boyd and charged him with murder and armed robbery.“I want him to get the death penalty. It was senseless; they got nothing from him, nothing and they killed him,”

Ervin said.Dawn Ervin said the arrest is a small victory for now - one she plans on sharing with her son.“I will be going to his grave to talk to him," she said.

Police are asking anyone with information on the whereabouts of the other two men from that night to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.

Murderers: 1 of 3

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