Friday, October 7, 2011

Kevin Shifflett

Eight year old Kevin Shifflett was playing in his grandmothers front yard on April 20, 2000.

That same afternoon Gregory Murphy was looking for someone White to kill.

Sadly, on that afternoon the two were going to meet.

Murphy, age, walked up to Kevin and said "I hate White people!" and slit Kevin's throat.

Kevin's grandmother came out and tried to stop the attack. Her hands were cut but she was unable to stop this madman from killing her grandson. Another woman who came to their aid was also stabbed.

The police offered a $10,000 reward for information on Kevin's killer.

Flowers and children's gifts piled up at a makeshift memorial. But still no traces of the murderer, still unknown at that time. The police checked and rechecked surveillance videos from the neighborhood and passed out fliers, hoping for tips to catch a killer.

The Mainstream media all but ignored Kevin's murder. The typical response when dealing with black-on-White crimes. Despite this being a clear cut racist hate crime case with a black man allegedly screaming anti-white epithets. No word was mentioned about race or Hate Crimes.

When police finally captured Murphy a search of his prior hotel room turned up a note saying "kill them racist White kids!" in his native tongue of ebonics. Police were also able to collect DNA from a taxi cab that Murphy has used to flee the murder scene.

Sadly this could all have been prevented since Murphy had been arrested previously for an attack on a White man with a hammer.

Had Murphy been locked away for the rest of his life for his first assault, little Kevin Shifflett would still have been alive.


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