Friday, October 7, 2011

Jake Robel

Jake Robel
Nov. 28, 1993 ~ February 22, 2000
Independence, Missouri

On February 22, 2000 Christy Robel and her 6 year old son Jake got into the family's Chevy Blazer. When Christy stopped to pick up some fast food at a restaurant in Independence little did she know that an ex-con with several warrants out for him, Kim L. Davis, was also in the area. 

Davis, hijacked the Robel's Blazer. He attempted to throw Jake from the backseat but Jake became entangled in the seatbelt, trapped by the door and was dragged to his death as bystanders sped after the vehicle. 

Three of the pursuing vehicles managed to get the Blazer stopped and as Kim jumped out and looked at Jake his words were "I didn't do that!". At that point Kim decided to make a run for it. 

The drivers managed to grab Kim and wrestle him to the ground and tying his legs together, were able to hold him until police arrived.

The only touching part of this story is that an 11 year old boy who had been in one of the vehicles that gave chase to Kim, took a blanket and placed it over Jake's body, covering him up. His clothes had torn almost completely off.

Kim Davis was eventually sentenced to Life in prison without the chance of parole. He deserved the Death Penalty. 

Kim Davis' family put on a show and cried and hugged in the courtroom when it was announced that Davis' life would be spared. 

His defense attorneys (Chris Slusher and Bill Shull) said that the family was relieved and grateful for the juries decision. Shull even went on to insult justice by saying "It is just a tremendous relief. Justice was done and mercy was done,"

This, even after the jury had seen pictures of the lifeless and broken boy that use to be Jake.



  1. If this man had got the death penalty it wouldn't be right. Its better for him to have life in prison with no chance of parole. Every day when he wakes up there, he can be reminded why he's there. Its a matter of forgiving, which our family has done, but we will never forget him. Or forget what this man has done to our family. I will never forget the day we got that phone call, and even 12 years later, being able to remember something so clearlyfrom when I was 8 years old kills me. But I'll never forget my little angel. One day I hope to find this mans address and write him a letter.I hope he never forgets what hes done.

    1. I'm so sorry for what you have been through, no one should ever have to faced the things that you and your family have had to go through. It is my hope that by posting these crimes that no one is ever allowed to forget what has happened to these children. As for his address, I'll see what I can dig up, I still have friends in the police departments across the country. Maybe we will get lucky.



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