Tuesday, February 7, 2012

David Pettis


Friends, Family Mourn Murdered Victim

LAS VEGAS - Loved ones of 20-year-old David Pettis lit candles and stood side by side Friday night. They held hands, shed tears, shared their sorrow and mourned their painful loss.

Ron Pettis never thought he'd have to bury his son.

"David did not deserve to die the way he died and to be dumped out in the desert," he said. "David was a very good kid. Everybody loved David."

David Pettis' body was found Thursday morning near Nellis Boulevard and Carey Avenue. The body was wrapped in plastic and dumped by a construction equipment storage yard.

"I'm missing my son very much. He got caught up in some stuff, and he asked for help and couldn't seem to get the help that he needed," Ron Pettis said.

While Pettis had some struggles, friends say he was always as good as gold.

"Definitely the best person in the world, he had the biggest heart, willing to do anything," friend Mike Williams said.

"He was always smiling, and he always had the best interest at heart for everybody around him," friend Logan Huskie said.

Loved ones cherish the good times, Pettis' smile and his zest for life.

"There was never a bad time when we were around Pettis, and he loved everybody like they were blood," friend Jered Sterns said.

Ron Pettis hopes some good can come from his son's tragic passing.

"If there's anything for us to learn out of this, (it) is for these kids to go to church, know what their morals are, and use them," he said. "Our children are dying everyday, and nobody can get a handle on it."

Pettis' body was found at approximately 10:05 a.m. December 8 near 5400 Reflex Drive.


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