Saturday, December 24, 2011

Saskia Burke

Suspect arrested in fatal stabbing in which attacker wore ninja mask

Authorities say they have arrested a 19-year-old man wanted in connection with the stabbings of three people inside a Murrieta home this week.The suspect entered the house wearing a ninja mask, police said.

William Gary Simpson Jr. was taken into custody around 9 p.m. Friday without incident at the home of his mother, Bernadette Simpson, in Hesperia, according to the Murrieta Police Department and inmate booking record.

Simpson was booked on suspicion of murder and two counts of suspicion of attempted murder. He is currently being held at Southwest Detention Center without bail.

The stabbings occurred Tuesday. Shortly before 4 a.m. police officers arrived at the house in the 40000 block of Milkwood Lane, where the suspect had entered the home wearing what family members described as a ninja mask. Upon arriving, officers found a young woman critically wounded. Her boyfriend and father also had suffered stab wounds. Witnesses told police that the suspect had fled from the scene.

The woman, who has been identified as 18-year-old Saskia Burke, died at the scene, according to Riverside County coroner officials.

The two men were rushed to local area hospitals and were listed in stable condition.

Homicide detectives learned that Simpson knew the family and had lived at the home as a foster child as recently as 2010.

Simpson allegedly had been on the run for several days before his arrest Friday.

In an interview with KTLA following the stabbings, Saskia's mother, Catherine Burke,  described the stabbings and said her daughter had died in pain.

"I came downstairs and saw my child dead, and I had to take the knife from the guy that killed her," Burke said, holding her tears back. "I'm sorry that when I took the knife away last night that I didn't kill him with it."

Police have not determined a motive for the stabbings.




  1. The negro is a vile and repulsive animal.
    My heartfelt sympathy to family and friends of the victim. MoJoe :)

  2. I have seen what he is capable first-hand. Raised by Black Supremacist parents, we now see clearly: Why he refused the job to pay his rent, then ran away to his daddy's house-so daddy could help him retrieve his belongings, and support his black son's right to walk all over and take advantage of the "whites" who had so kindly taken in his son (that's why his daddy stood "laughing at me" in the driveway that day!). That what we thought were just racial “jokes” were indeed his racial STATEMENTS!!! Why most of his rage in the time spent with us was so focused on the boy who was only "half" black - I guess he couldn't stand having contaminated "black blood" around, as he ALWAYS referred to himself as a "PUREBLOOD".
    And knowing what he had done, news of his slaughter rampage was all over the news, his momma picked him up? (William Gary Simpson Jr., 19, was arrested at 9 p.m. in the home of his mother, Bernadette Simpson, who lived in the 9000 block of Sage Street in Oak Hills. He was taken into custody without incident, according to Murrieta Police Department officials.) His momma had been hiding him for a few days, on the tax payers dollars... Thoughtful woman. And his momma wasn't scared he'd kill her too, NO- she only taught him to kill White People! And his daddy, William Simpson Sr., a POLICE officer, who knew he was hiding, didn't turn him in either? I thought an officer of the law had to take an oath to "serve and protect". Obviously, he was only thinking of protecting his own behind! Black racists, and the children they produce. His momma still has two daughters out there. His daddy has another daughter and son! I can only imagine what the future holds in store for the next white family encountered by any of Gary's siblings, who are made of the same cloth!!

  3. I've found over the years that blacks are more racist than even the staunchest Neo-Nazi or KKK member. The are also more primitive in their development of behavioral, psychological and emotional responses than other races are. They lack empathy and compassion for anyone other than themselves and those related to them, though they are experts at faking it. They will fake a loving and caring relationship with someone (like your family) only to take advantage of you when it suits them (like a place to live and eat).

    For Simpson's Mommy and Daddy (?) to shelter and hide him from the police is a crime. Both should be arrested and the father (?) should be fired from his job and charged with violating his jobs oath. If you or I did the same thing we would be looking at the world through a set of gray bars at the local jail.

    But, we're White and only Whites can be "racist". When a black does something like that it is called "protecting their own" and is somehow connected to "Black Pride"...(White Pride, BTW, is racist and even illegal in some states and countries...go figure).

    I'm willing to bet that his "brother and sisters" are going to be trouble sooner or later too. I not only runs in the family, but in the race.


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