Monday, October 31, 2011

Melissa Vigil

Melissa Vigil was a 16‐year old junior at Cesar Chavez High School. Early in the morning of Tuesday October 7, 2008 at the intersection of Hidalgo Ave. and South Vista Grande, Melissa was treacherously murdered. The truck she was in didn’t protect her from a deadly onslaught of bullets. When one of the rounds struck her in the head, she not only lost her life, she lost her hopes, her dreams, and her future. Because the days are precious, the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association is deeply saddened by the senseless loss of this young woman’s life.

Justice becomes a reality when three key groups create an effective partnership – the cops, the courts, and the community. PLEA is asking our partners in the community for help in not only bringing about justice, but also to begin the healing process in a family that has been wounded by a devastating loss.
Phoenix Police Officers risk their lives on a daily basis by stepping into the gap to keep our streets, our city, our county, and our state safe. PLEA believes quality of life issues are directly impacted by a commitment of effort and a commitment of funds from rank‐and‐file police officers. One reason PLEA Charities were created was to invest hard‐earned police dollars back into the community which has consistently been supportive to those of us in law enforcement.

In addition to the $5000 reward from Silent Witness, PLEA is doubling this reward with an additional $5000 for information leading to the arrest of the murderer who stole the life of Melissa. Another $2000 is being contributed to this reward from the law offices of PLEA’s attorney Michael Napier. The total reward for information leading to the arrest of the murder suspect of Melissa Vigil is now $12,000.

Case agents, gang squad detectives, patrol officers, and other police resources are being mobilized and focused on arresting the person/s responsible for the death of Melissa. Information is a crucial element in the proactive response to this horrible tragedy.

The streets of Phoenix should not be a dangerous nor deadly place for teenagers who accidentally make a wrong turn on the way home. Please share any information involved in this case by calling Silent Witness at 480.WITNESS (480.948.6377) or by calling the Phoenix Police Department at 602.262.6141

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