Monday, October 17, 2011

Jennefer Ostend

On the evening of October 9, the Rotterdam police an Amber Alert for the 10-year Jennefer. She is already missing one day, a massive search and a neighborhood survey have not been successful. On October 10 Jennefer is found dead in the house of the ex-boyfriend of her sister.
A reconstruction.
The last known location of Jennefer is the house where she was eventually found. Lives there her sister's ex, Anthony K. He is a kind uncle to her. Jennefer call just before 18.30 hours to her father and says she is coming. At 19.00 pm you her phone.
Her mother does return later in the evening. The police sent that evening at 21:30 local SMS alert through out The police believe the missing Jennefer initially angry at a runaway child. The police launched an investigation and report on neighborhood flyers. She maintains close contact with the family of Jennefer. A boat searches the Meuse off.


The study is further scaled. There are twelve investigators on the case. When scaling up that is decided, the police can not say.
On Sunday at 12.00 for the first time visited the accused, the house is Jennefer was last spotted. No search done. A source told the NIS that the prosecution was not a warrant has been asked to search the house.
But a source at the Rotterdam police say precisely that the Justice was too early to Anthony's house to search. There were still too little evidence of a crime, but justice that speaks strongly against.

Amber Alert

There is that Sunday at 12.00 for the first contact with the National Police (National Police Agency) about the case. It is presented on the Amber Alert. In doubt - after all that has been done - to the effect of such an alert, and do not know if there is enough evidence of a crime.
Images from a camera in front of the house with the mother Jennefer views. The camera rotates, the image quality is poor. What exactly is it or not, remains unclear. The police decided the phone to intercept the suspect.
Just after 22.00 pm there is still an Amber Alert out , because other tracks dead end, says the National Police Agency.


At 01.00 hours on the night of Sunday to Monday is Anthony K. arrested. An hour later the police find a body in his home.
Monday evening there is a residents meeting where the police confirmed that the body is Jennefer .

The killer:


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